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Industrial Poisoning
Diagnostic Flowcharts
Germ Diagnostic Substitutions

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 by Jim West


This explores the evidence(3) that poisons are the major cause of disease in 99.99% of the cases.  If we are correct to assume common diseases such as colds, flus, earaches, and headaches, are caused by pollution (often air and pharmaceutical), not viruses, then we can safely assert that germ theory dominates poison awareness by a ratio of perhaps 1000,000:1.  Proof is obvious, for instance, Dolan et al(6) have shown that misdiagnoses of indoor stove air pollution (as virus-flu) is the rule, not the exception, in hospitals.  The following generalizations (there are exceptions, of course) return us to sanity by inverting mainstream reality.  Also, see chart of forces driving medical corruption.

Postulate #1Orthodox disease diagnostics are usually in terms of germ theory or genetics or psychology(2)  with toxicology omitted and avoided.(3) Orthodoxy's gross bias against toxicology is likely due to a conflict of interest with polluting industries, which benefit from diversions away from pollution liabilities, and benefit from exploitative diagnostic disinfo and the resulting health damages.  There is also a benefit from low dose mass poisoning in terms of commercial "production"(5), and, associated public health rituals serve as power trips/exercises and obeisance monitoring.   Germs and genetics, as disease causation, are politically necessary diversions similar to "external enemy" and "original sin".  Germs are portrayed as the external invading enemy, caused by personal faults like dirtiness and sneezing.  Genetics are rationalizationed claims for original sin, personal vulnerability to disease, and guilt.  All causation is turned back upon the diseased, the external enemies, and lack of trust in institutions.

Flow Charts according to Primary Focus (best guess starting point)
Air Pollution (charts interlink)   Air Pollution Symptoms Prove It Yourself
1) Socio-Political  Diagnostics

2) NYC:  Indoor, Fired Appliances, Pharma

3) Overview NYC:  Outdoor, Pharmaceutical

4) Effect of chronic exposure

5) Exposure scenarios


  Middle range symptoms:  Rash, flesh atrophy, herpes, earaches, dental cavities, cardiac arythmia, high blood pressure, alarm over chest/heart sensations, spider veins, ballooning veins. Solution:  Log sudden symptoms, including off-center emotional states, e.g., anger, rage, tiredness, hyper-elation, aggression, cardiac alarm and chest tightness.  Include date-time and detailed descriptions of symptoms, duration, weather (wind dir/speed and temp) drugs, nutrition and toxicological environment. Note windows shut status (usually in cold weather) indicating indoor air pollution.  In warm weather, outdoor air pollution is indicative. Exceptions and combinations are many, depending on details, such as, windows can be shut in summer due to air conditioning systems.  See flowcharts at left.
Electronic Radiation

1) EMF and RF; powerlines, WiFi, cell phones, towers, antennae, and relay stations.

Ubiquitous serious hazard 24/7, often more intense during summer due to A/C.

Experience Scenarios

1) Personal



Postulate #2:  99.99% of all diseases are industrial toxicological, including emotional-psychological problems.  Germs, genetics, and mental processes are symptomatic responses due to imbalances or vulnerabilities created by polluting industries.  Orthodoxy pretends separate disease causations, many germs, etc.  Usually diseases are variations of poisoning, usually chronic poisoning with crises of pollution spikes or coincidental spikes being the resultant sum of coincidental poisoning exposures, i.e., sums of peaks of poison oscillations.(4)  There is a toxic disease spectrum, ranging in severity:  Rash, pimples, skin diseases, eye problems, common cold, flu, diarrhea, dental, GI tract dysfunction, respiratory problems, sniffles, bronchitis, asthma, cardiac, "viral" meningitis (no microbes found), teratological, lymphomae, gynecological, glandular, dental, earaches, bacterial or septic meningitis (the bacteria would be scavengers); neurological diseases (various), brain cancer, other cancers, etc.  Radio waves and power line AC ELF (extremely low frequency) are huge toxic factors.

Postulate #3:  Medicos are an ancient 'dumb' cleric/priest class, well recompensed, having evolved as a class in parallel to industrial awareness of poisons, and trained specifically to avoid toxicology.  They are largely unaware of their incompetence-ignorance, but they do realize their job is to promote official protocols.  They are essentially priestly dogs as described by Dr. Mendelsohn.(7)  Their base methods are similar through millenia.  They advocate and militarily enforce(5) the administration of toxic pharmaceuticals for toxicological diseases, usually using infectious disease or genetic causation to rationalize their actions.  As protectors of polluting industry, they fight fire (poison symptoms) with fire (poison).  Psychs are variants of this class and make diagnostic claims of mental diseases and (especially psychiatrists) advocate drugs without reviewing environmental toxicology. Generally, this cleric-medico class maintains innocence by avoiding any review of the fundamentals of their science, and they tend to actually believe their own pharmaceutical based education, with them and their children having the highest rates of drugging and surgery.

The results are health disasters due to the prescribing of poisonous disinfo rites (antibiotics, etc.) which intensify and complicate toxic burdens and confuse diagnostics.  The protocols of medicos increase ignorance with disinfo, and return medico clients to their polluted environment.  Misdiagnostics and drug proscriptions confuse toxicological observations.  Medicos should be advocating better environment; instead they blind us to our environment, exploiting the resultant health disasters.

Many medicos might be aware of their role and thus cultivate their authorized and sanctioned ignorance to safely and "innocently" exploit patients.  The medical critic, Dr. Mendelsohn, introduced the medico/priest concept in his book, "Confessions of a Medical Heretic".(1)  Much of this priestly activity is socially driven from the top and from the bottom from the top by industrial conflict of interest, and from the bottom by a behavioral trait, found in most people, whereby they obey requests given by anyone wearing a white coat, as people usually are able to kill another person when invoking such alpha-dog behavior.  This has been demonstrated by the Milgram psychological study in 1961 and confirmed by subsequent studies.  It has not been determined to what extent white coat obesiance, as a trait, is innate, conditioned, or both.  Milgram demonstrated that in general, everyday people have been successfully trained to believe it is normal to kill others on behalf of white coats, and to believe that it is rude to challenge white coats.  For example, in general, parents will consciously avoid challenging white coats when they advise injecting infants with poisons (vaccines) that have the potential to permanently paralyze or kill infants.  Without asking questions, without asking for documentation, parents effectively kill or maim their own children, with an unsubstantiated faith that they are involved in a higher civil cause, protecting children and society from germs.  Who needs "Manchurian Candidates" with such friends?

Philosophical Explanation:  The "human condition", our bind of problems is due to the apparently unavoidable geometry of competition.  If a corporation tries to be ethical they will be lose at the marketplace by competing corporations that are unethical.  Environmentalism can cost more -- to shield electric systems, filter exhausts, dispose of waste.  Thus corporations "just do it" and "let god sort 'em out". 

Optimism:  By taking the initiative, a corporation establishes surprise and ownership of targetted territory.  It is then up to those who are harmed to negotiate or battle for that territory.  To solve this destructive warring between businesses and between business and exploited people, we need intelligent global government that will not drown business in red tape.  This appears to be possible with internet systems, but not really, as all dynamics will eventually level out.  Constant research, vigilance and conversation is required, as always.

Footnotes for Diagnostic Flowcharts
1. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn,
2. A review of Barnes & Nobles "Medical Annex" book store in Manhattan, on 17th Street and Fifth Ave., finds approximately 4,000 books, with only 20 being toxicology books.  Even alternative medicine tends to avoid toxicology, as it myopically focuses on herbs, spirit, touch, nutrition, vitamins, etc., without first reviewing environmental toxicology.
3. See "Overview" of polio toxicology at
4. See example of chronic poisoning passing the disease threshold due to an air pollution poison spike, causing a school flu epidemic, at
5. CDC maintains thousands of military rank Ph.D.s and graduate degree soldiers.  Doctors can enforce poison drug administration with court orders.  "Science" can be disallowed in courts to argue against vaccine administration.  Agencies can take children from parents who do not vaccinate, claiming child abuse.
6. Dolan MC, Haltom TL, Barrows GH, Short CS, Ferriell KM. Carboxyhemoglobin levels in patients with flu-like symptoms, Ann Emerg Med, 1987;16 ISS7:752-6.   Quoted in my swine flu articles at
7. "The Devil's Priests"  Dr. Robert Mendelsohn humorously describes the medical profession.

"Toxicology Avoided" Argument

Applied To HIV/AIDS Paradigm

The HIV paradigm omits toxicology? Without the toxicological context of "AIDS" discounted, the properties of the supposed virus cannot be known. Thorough and competent toxicological studies must exist at all levels of study, from epidemiology to clinic to Petri dish.

Without toxicological studies of AIDS victims, “HIV” could very well be one of many biomarkers for poison stress. Without toxicology, “HIV” is moot.

In the US, the demography of AIDS victims indicates toxic stress from pharmaceuticals like AZT, street drugs and industrial pollution. Yet the well-hyped target is a sub-microscopic and admittedly difficult to prove virus, as micrography clearly shows “HIV” is a minority component of “HIV strains”.

In third world industrialized regions, “AIDS” is diagnosed wherever people can be trod over by unrestrained polluting industries. The continent Africa, for example, dominates the country list of the most polluted countries in the world.

“HIV” protects polluting industries and profits pharmaceutical industries.

All sides agree that the medical industry has great conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. These conflicts obviously influence the construction of the HIV paradigm, causation, and diagnostics, which depend on the avoidance of toxicology.

Major media, from education to journalism, also has tremendous conflicts of interest with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for example, doctor's post-graduate education, and, The New York Times board of directors.

This "toxicology avoided" argument needs no references, as it is commonsense, i.e., no scientist can determine normal behavior by studying poisoned mice, people, or cellular debris that may look like supposed viruses.

I posted this argument on the evening of 11/17/2010 to Doug Henwood's LBO blog, where he and other HIV-zealots were castigating Gary Null for being an "AIDS denialist".  Mitchel Cohen was questioning HIV to defend Null.  I was blocked by Henwood, then Mitchel sent my post and he was blocked too.  Mitchel Cohen's subsequent posts were accepted.  Before sending my post, I told Mitchel that they would run.  See )

Other argument examples:

The "toxicology missing" argument, applied to "Swineflu", was followed by immediate closing of NYC DOH's forum.  See

The best microbiological argument is The Perthian argument(3,4) for HIV not isolated.  Using that argument brought me immediate "censor" of "any virus skepticism" on the Science-For-The-People forum, from the forum moderator, professor Michael Goldhaber, following the usual requests from NYU journalism professor and HIV zealot, Michael Balter, to halt discussion. 

Peter Duesberg, Ph.D. the prominent dissident microbiologist, also runs from Perth, as debates on VirusMyth indicate.

Clean needles argument:  Orthodoxy cites "clean needles programs", yet those have been found by orthodox studies, to have actually increased HIV postive test results and other disease symptom rates by an astounding factor of approximately 20.(2)  This is due apparently to the ulterior motive of the programs that were designed to bring people into clinics where they were declared HIV infected, frightened out of their minds with threats of imminent death ("six months to live"), then treated with AZT, a poison that produces deadly AIDS symptoms.(1)

Toxicology Argument Applied to Polio

    Polio toxicology is repressed: 

Poliovirus not isolated, argument

Footnotes for Toxicology Avoided
1.  Peter Duesberg, Ph.D. funds dropped when he tried to investigate toxicology of AIDS.
2. David Crowe, "Needle Exchange Programs: Counter-Productive?", Alive Magazine, Dec 2001,
"Needle Exchange Programs (NEP) provide clean needles to IV drugs addicts. It seems obvious that cleaner needles should lead to lower levels of HIV and Hepatitis infections in addicts. So obvious, in fact, that it was years before any research was done to test this hypothesis. The results of the best research came as a total surprise - indicating that needle exchange is associated with a dramatic increase in the rate of HIV and Hepatitis B and C."
3. Clear Perthian explanation for no-isolation of HIV:
4. Even orthodox studies find no isolation of HIV:
5. Supposed benefits of chronic poisoning:  See


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