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Air Pollution Scenarios


 by Jim West

Are you in a normal (apparently unpolluted) residence?  Or live in a city?  Or reside near industry?  Or have you moved to pristine mountains and wonder why you are still sick and people are being lifted out by helicopter to the big city hospital with brain cancer?  The following explains why (assumes organic diet and no pharmaceuticals).  All matters, legally, should be referred to professionals, however, this gives you something to talk about, which they very well may not mention.

Gas distribution pipes, valves, etc.  First floor apartment over a basement gas distribution room.  Gases may be unknown, not detectable and can diffuse 24/7 through pipes, metal, and concrete floors, causing a great variety of diseases and vulnerabilities to other disease causing stressors.  There is a statistic probability of disease in the vicinity of gas distribution areas. (Side view)
Solution:  Inspect pipes.  Install small exhaust fan, 24/7 venting for the pipe room.  Keep residence vented also, or best, move to higher floor or elsewhere.
Natural gas (NG) exhaust, a major health hazard.  Its ingredients are not public knowledge, and vary depending on policies and protocols.  Natural gas burns in two phases, roughly described:  first to CO, formaldehyde, and heat, then to CO2, H2O and heat.  Formaldhyde levels from oven in a few hours can rise to an average of 4 times above OSHA maximum standard, and much higher in some instances, over average, and averaged throughout an entire house.  In the kitchen then, we could guestimate that levels would be 20-30 times abpve OSHA, and with face close or over stove, or downwind from stove burners, 100 times over OSHA.  Reference is from CA ARB report summary.  I requested detailed report to see the endpoints of the distribution curve (not just averages) and CA ARB did not respond.  I know of two professional chefs.  One is deceased due to Lou Gehrig's disease and would or could not respond when I asked him to consider environmental causation.  The treatment for that disease is a deadly fluorine pharmaceutical that can fulfil the doctor's most pessimistic diagnosis.  The other chef frequently undergoes treatments for neurological conditions.  Another chef, not professional, sniffles frequently and suffers intense flu bouts.  I had intense earaches for three years until I bought a CO2 meter and traced pollution to pilot lights and stove.  Con Ed admits online, colds and flu causation.  I'd go further, and postulate meningitis, brain cancer, gynecological, etc.  NG exhaust contributes to nearly every disease.
Solution:  Minimize use, ventilate with crossbreeze and exhaust fan, turn off pilot lights, use electric ignition, or toss the stove.  Go electric and/or raw.
Fired device in basement.
Exhaust rises, moves and diffuses through first floor. (Side view)
Solution:  Inspect and fix and vent.  CO2 meter can detect problems.  Reading a CO2 meter is an art/science, as breath CO2 must be avoided or accounted for during readings.




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