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Alternate Explanations for “Infection”

Well-Researched Opinion by Jim West

Microbial infection exist, however, it is greatly overplayed by industrial medical sales agencies.  Here are alternative ideas of infection.

1) The Simple Illusion (of Infection)

Dr. Stefan Lanka generally criticizes the concept of infection.  When he was challenged at his lecture at HEAL-NYC, circa 1998, he replied that infection didn't really happen with regard to the observed transmission of symptoms at chicken pox parties, that "infection" was an illusion perpetuated by propaganda during a period of actual toxicological symptoms. That's a great answer, but the audience rebelled, as chickenpox infection seemed real in their own experience, with their children. Recently (circa 6/7/2014, Facebook), for instance, Dr. Suzanne Humphries defended the concept of infection against John Wantling with, “Explain to me why 7 children go to a chicken pox party and at around the same time most if not all get the same symptoms.”  Dr. Humphries views are generally much better than her professional peers, however, by embracing infection paradigms she invites trouble and gives argumentative handles to the medical system.

Even since the Lanka lecture, I have pondered that challenge to him. Here are my explanations for the what appears to be infection.

The concept of infection is motivated into existence by a pervasive background conflict of interest:  Medicos often claim infection without direct evidence, thereby enabling vaccine sales, profitable toxicological and medical complications, and protection for polluting industries that dominate the medical industry.  I'm not asserting consciousness or awareness.

2) The Power Of Suggested (Infection)

When a group is poisoned by air pollution flu. Realistically, one person must succumb to symptoms before anyone else, like popping popcorn.  The cause is likely an accumulation or acute exposure to environmental assaults along with differences in inherited defense behaviors. Those who show symptoms first are considered to be chemically sensitive. These people 'suggest' the good idea of an appropriate disease response (symptoms) to others in the group, like a yawn or sneeze, with no contact required. There is no reason why we should all have the same responses ready in our minds, when we can help each other out with good ideas.

The Popcorn Analogy

Popping corn looks like an active infection if the popper machine's heat source were not so obvious. First one then more and eventually most of the corn becomes popped, but the cause is environmental.  Medicos would, if they could, claim that unpopped corn is immune to the popping germ, immune to popping infection. Medicos would like to sell, and mandate vaccine products for each kernel of corn to prevent popping.  They would mandate with their aligned industries, genetically modified corn that wouldn't pop, in order to prevent popping disease.

Foundation of Infection Theory is Toxicology Avoidance.

If medicos were told in various ways that any awareness of the heating elements was taboo, then how would medicos explain popping corn?  Infection!  The basis of germ theory is Toxicological Avoidance, Toxicology Taboo.  Industry needs to be able to work with poisons freely, to profit.  Virologists always avoid toxicology.

3) Pheromone Transmission of Cellular Behavior
(Gives Illusion Of Infection)

This is related to and combined with the power of suggestion, though here the suggestion is transmitted not by body language or words, but by hormonal pheromones.  Wikipedia describes this well:

"A pheromone (from Greek... phero "to bear" and hormone... "impetus") is a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body of the secreting individual to impact the behavior of the receiving individual. There are alarm pheromones, food trail pheromones, sex pheromones, and many others that affect behavior or physiology. Pheromones are used from basic unicellular prokaryotes to complex multicellular eukaryotes. Their use among insects has been particularly well documented. In addition, some vertebrates and plants communicate by using pheromones." [bolding is mine]

Obviously most types of animal cells would use these same simple, fundamental, and vital processes.  Wikipedia obviously represents mainstream's attempt to limit the concept, in order to preserve profitable germ theories of infection.

Many of the observed effects of a 'virus', found in a lab or at a disease party, are likely due to hormones or similar inter-intra-cellular communications. Hormones have the same memory and manipulative capabilities as do the regular nervous system, however, they are slower, yet they can zing through the body relaying to each other.  They can flow with the body's liquids. The regular nervous system also uses hormones as neurotransmitters etc. Hormonal molecules, oddly enough, happen to be at physical sizes similar to 'viruses', so the filterable properties of a hormone would be similar to the so-called virus. A traumatized hormone could perpetuate 'disease' (cathartic and defensive responses) when injected from a diseased life form into a healthy life form. The healthy would see the traumatized hormonal context in the injection as evidence of a dangerous disease, and would pickup with those warning signs, perpetuating the 'disease' behavior. With repeated injections (passages from group to group), the disease eventually dies out, the effect of passaging diminishes. 

Virus passaging is a laboratory "parlour trick", a "laboratory artifact" to demonstrate "infection".  See authoritative ref of the esteemed virologist Jungeblut on my homepage,

To support the concept, fake scientists claim they have isolated and seen the individual virus, yet this is virtually never done in actuality.  Only the word "isolate" has been twisted to mean "mixture".

Social transmission, via skin, fluids, or mists from breath or coughing or sneezing, do transmit 'disease', but it isn't really disease. It is perpetuated cellular/hormonal behavior, cathartic and defensive behavior at a cellular level.

However, that same group also transmits symptoms (cathartic-defensive disease) by sharing hormones in vocal, breathing, and coughing mists, or contact. But disease is usually a good thing. The bad extreme, is when sometimes the disease response may go overboard and even may trigger a severe reaction such as the disintegration of the spinal cord, to separate the spine from the brain, as a defense. I'm going out on a limb there, but that would be a rare and horrible over-reaction.  Over-response diseases happen more to hyped up males due to testosterone, and thus accounts for example with Autism being found 5 times more in postnatal male children than females due to pharma or ultrasound poisoning during gestation.

Sometimes the disease response might be inappropriate, such as tooth decay. Yet, maybe tooth decay is actually appropriate, because it communicates to the community that its time to move, to leave or change the invisibly polluted environment, and/or find an environmentally aware dentist.  Industrial communities are stabilized by defeating the concepts of industrial poisoning with infection propaganda.

Inappropriate response to a symptom triggers:  Examples are the laboratory virus "passaging" routine, or anaphylactic shock in an animal.  An analogy is a theater on fire. People run out and are trapped in the exits where they die or are severely maimed.  Picture a scientist taking some of the traumatized persons and injecting them into a normal theater where the traumatized, burned and screaming, cause repetition of great panic in the normal theater. People run for the exits and some are hurt, though not as badly as in the real fire. This can be perpetuated, like passaging, from theater to theater with perfectly healthy, but traumatized people, but eventually they catch on and the effect diminishes, as in virus passaging in a lab.

The perfume industry functions to defeat lateral social communication, i.e., the transmission among humans of pheromone communication.  There are industries that produce perfume additives for industrial exhaust to preempt societal objections.  Some of these chemicals entirely block the olfactory perceptors.  These industries are a great hazard to human health, and they defeat the democratic process.  They defeat the natural correction processes, the social resolution processes, the natural democratic communications.

Varying Susceptibility
(Gives Illusion Of Infection)

When a group is poisoned, they get poison disease (symptoms), such as, air pollution illness which shows first as respiratory symptoms, sneezing, coughing, etc. They get it in the same way that popcorn pops, a few at first and then more, giving an illusion of a deadly popping infection within the popcorn group. It all depends on the individual kernels, i.e., moisture content, wall thickness and flexibility, and heat exposure.  Yet, popped corn is not the result of infection.  It is the result of heat.


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