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Jim West requested corrections for his "The Letter:  A Close Read", 11/29/2009.  This is the resulting discussion involving West.

Message List

  11/29/2009, Roberts responds to West's request for corrections. Claims "personal vendetta" and "simply inaccurate".
  12/4/2009, West replies to Roberts. Requests clarity and confirmation.  No response.
  11/30/2009, a high profile dissident requests that he sign West's "Close Read". Embarrasses himself with, "Please... add my name as a signatory to your Letter To Science".  It doesn't seem difficult to get signatories!
  11/30/2009, Hersee responds to West. Initiates topic, that Popovic sent sister draft ("PSSD"), is very important.  Characterizes West, "suggests a degree of deliberate dishonesty."
  11/30/2009, West replies to Hersee. "You begin... by mischaracterizing my words, then finish with hyped moral weight."
   12/1/2009, Hersee responds to West. "You are self-deluding"; "deliberate time-wasting"; "no... further emails"
   12/2/2009, West replies to Hersee. "Mike Hersee lambasts me then advises me not to respond."
    12/4/2009, Maniotis responds to West, via Hersee 11/30/2009 PSSD is important.
    12/4/2009, West replies to Maniotis PSSD is too speculative.
     12/4/2009, Maniotis responds to West Re-asserts PSSD, but provides info that supports "Close Read"!  West does not respond.
      12/8/2009, Crowe responds via Maniotis 12/4/2009 These discussions are "destructive".  Content of The Letter is "nearly irrelevant".
      2/17/2010, West replies to Crowe Content irrelevant?
  12/1/2009, Roberts responds to West, via Hersee's response. Replies, "scarcely a first draft".
  12/14/2009, West replies to Roberts (2) Replies, it is a "first draft", and rebutts other claims.
   12/14/2009, Roberts responds to West. Deletes West's text; agrees "first draft"; emphatically misreads West's 2nd point.
   1/14/2010, West replies to Roberts. Replies with observations.
  12/4/2009, Roberts responds to no particular message. Presents a lengthy list of vague, unsupported claims about "A Close Read".
  1/24/2010, West replies to Roberts (3) Replies with observations.


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