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LTS:  A Close Read


Reply To Roberts, 12/4/2009


Roberts claims "LTS:  A Close Read" is "a personal vendetta".


Roberts, 11/29/2009

Jim West, 12/4/2009


From: janine roberts []
Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2009 12:32 PM
To: jw [and email list]
Subject: Re: The Letter To Science: Close Read

This is I am afraid a personal vendetta by Jim west.  It unfortunately dates back years and West had previously to delete personal attacks on myself that were very distressing. . Please note all signatories to the letter - of which I am not one - made up their own minds based on the evidence sent to them -  the full documentation on which the letter was based. My role was helping to draft it along with david Crowe and Christine. It was also supported by the RA Board. In my view the points made by West are simply inaccurate. There was no charge of Plagiarism against Gallo made in the letter - and the ORI did criticize  Gallo in the words used - they were in the Offers of Proof which all signatories saw.  JANINE

On 29 Nov 2009, at 15:48, jw wrote:
To all concerned,
Please review for concept and accuracy, this detailed "close read" of The Letter To Science.
Jim West
You impose distrust of your words with "The Letter".  Even your message here requires decoding to determine if this is slop -- or a pretense of slop.
Please rewrite and resend.
Provide our reading public with what you claim the signatories were sent, i.e., "the full documentation on which the letter was based."
Provide us with, "Offers of Proof which all signatories saw."
Or were those merely a footnote?
Show us how you know they "saw" those "Offers".
Show us that The Letter was "supported by the RA Board."
Define your use of the word "Plagiarism".

Jim West
(Review of "The Letter To Science")

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