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Detrimental Literary Structures(1)


Vlado Petek-Dimmer:  Aegis17-04


"Plagiarism... undermines the integrity of all aspects of scholarship and assessment."(2)


Jim West's DDT/Polio Graph

Dimmer copied Jim West's polio timeline graph and annotations from his online article, "Polio in the United States", transcribed them to German language, paraphrased West's history of polio, and omitted any reference to West.  See scan image below.  West never heard from Dimmer, neither before his publication nor after West complained.  

Dimmer undercuts West, and the efforts of German language writers, such as, microbiologist Dr. Stefan Lanka, Hans Tolzin, Torsten Engelbrecht,  and Dr. Claus Kohnlein. Vlado in effect describes himself as a hypocrite.   His material is sold at the AEGIS Buchshop, a page under the journal, AEGIS Impuls.  Dimmer appears slick, translating and publishing articles in German, where readers of the original language are unlikely to notice.   Dimmer should know that " Plagiat" means plagiarism in the German language.  Like pesticide companies, Dimmer may have a conflict with production and ethics.  Fallout:  Dr. Gerhard Buchwald has cited Dimmer in Buchwald's book on vaccination, not realizing it was actually the result of Jim West's research.

Jim West's Original DDT/Polio Graph

This graph is West's research, "Polio in the United States".

1. This is to encourage discussion of detrimental literary structures. Definitions of plagiarism are well stated, and thus apply as an element.
2. Statement on plagiarism: See Prifysgol Abertawe, "Level One Handbook", Swansea University Dept. of Politics and Int'l Relations, 2008-2009


Images Of Poliomyelitis plag_home vpd_polio

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